Love In all It's Forms Opening Night
Nathan Davis had a bunch of amazing work
on display
Some More of Sarah Haxby's works
Phil front and
getting it all
Phil and Sarah Haxby's visual goodies
Jimmi's Contribution
Brenda Andersons 3D work really
stands out!
Danielle Fung Put an amzing old School Spin
on the theme!
This looks like a happy table!
Kieth Wagschal kicks it out!
Ezekial Bones leads her Posse!
Tabi Fondapetting busts a move!
Phil puts the Icing on the evening !

Kieth Wagschal - songs         
Jen Engracio - songs                
Ezekial Bones   - spoken word   
Jaia Dax Be – poetry, songs        
Keely Halward   - songs     
Jess Hill - songs        
Tabi Fondapetting - burlesque        
Jessi Nicholson - songs           
Philip Stephen  - poetry        

Philip Stephen
Brenda Anderson
Keely Halward
Sarah Haxby
Ezekial Bones
Christine Norberg
Nathan Davis
Jimmi X
Kris Brownie
Danielle Fung
Anna Talbot
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